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Mimi Macpherson Home Video

Elle 'The Body' Macpherson Has A Little Sister Who Sucks And Fucks On Film

Mimi Macpherson is younger sister of famous model Elle Macpherson . She was also a pretty successful business woman and personality in Australia, at least until she declared bankruptcy in December 2008 (THE younger sister of multi-millionaire supermodel Elle Macpherson has just $8 in the bank and drives a 1997 Mazda worth $3000 – even though she owed her father Peter Gow $195,000, her brother Brendan Gow $5000 and her mother Frances Macpherson $6385, records show she did not owe anything to her sister, whose net worth was last estimated at about $70 million!).

The Mimi Macpherson sex tape found its way onto the Internet in July 1997. In it she has sex with her then boyfriend Michael Hellwig. The tape was probably shot at Mimi's or her boyfriend's home. In the tape Mimi is posing half naked for her boyfriend, flashing her boobs, showing of her hairy pussy and her ass. Then she starts masturbating and later Michael joins in. At the end she masturbates again until she has an orgasm. While posing half naked for her boyfriend, Mimi starts with flashing her boobs, she spreads her legs for a quick shot of her hairy pussy and then turns around and gives us a nice view of her butt. Then she starts playing with her pussy while her boyfriend is zooming in on her hairy twat.

Unfortunately they used a low budget camera for their sex tape and each time boyfriend zooms in on her pussy everything is blurred. After Mimi is done playing with her pussy, Michael joins her on the bed and they start fucking in missionary position. With the camera on a stand, all we get to see during sex are the couples butts.

The 13 minute sex tape was leaked on the internet by "Moron Project" in July 1997 to counter the Australia-wide media blackout on her silly misdeeds. "This decision to cover up her stupidity in both allowing herself to be filmed in a compromising position, and allowing herself to be used indulging in drug use is a worrying example of how the Australian Media protects it's own", said Moron Project in it's release statement accompanying the sex tape release.

An interesting aside fact is that Mimi criticized her big sister for posing nude for Playboy et al. The irony is deafening.

And so while Mimi is Supermodel And 4-Time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Winner, Elle McPherson , little sister. Before she became a big Australian television star, and even before she started her world famous whale watching business in Australia, she was a naughty, naughty little girl.

Mimi Macpherson ; award winning business woman, and Environmentalist. Mimi’s success and popularity had stemmed from being a pioneer in the Tourism and Whale Watching Industry in Hervey Bay at the tender age 21. Within that time Mimi had raised more than $100,000 for the Pacific Whale Foundation Research, which is still close to her heart. Mimi’s workplace achievements have won her an elite amount of awards including; 6 tourism awards and the” National Businesswoman of the Year” by the women’s network of Australia. She was also voted one of ‘Australia’s top 30 Businesswoman’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Having gone from strength to strength – she has capitalised on that success to use her name to benefit being the Spokesperson for ‘Planet Ark’, ‘Clean Up Australia’, ‘Sydney Water’ and ‘Coast Care’ amongst other endeavours. Recently, Mimi finished a successful stint on the popular reality TV Show; ‘It Takes Two’ on Channel 7 – where her nerves for singing and performing took a high adrenalin rush that comes with stepping outside of her comfort zone.

But Mimi will always be remembered for her 13 minute raunchy video about all else.

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